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21+ empowering affirmations for business success
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21+ empowering affirmations for business success


21+ empowering affirmations for business success

The affirmations below are empowering, positive affirmations for business success.  Enjoy them.

I have a simple theory when it comes to affirmations, and it’s simply to fill your mind with them.

THIS IS AN IMAGE PACKED POST. I know lots of you love to pin positive affirmations, so I’ve packed this post with affirmation pins for your boards.

I’ve also added a video at the end which is great to listen to and again look at the affirmations as you hear them spoken to you.

Write them down, say them out loud of in your mind, pop them on post-it notes where you work, record them and listen to them, just fill your mind with positive affirmations.

If negative thoughts do creep in, simply swap them for these, or your own positive affirmations for business success.

Before I share the affirmations with you, I want to talk about the best way to use your affirmations. And when I first published this post, I added 21 empowering affirmations. I have now added even more powerful business affirmations at the end of this post. Enjoy and keep filling your mind with these super positive messages for success.

Dealing with negative self-talk

So many of us have this negative mind chatter running in the background that’s so destructive.

These are some negative self-talk (mind chatter) statements I’ve said to myself over the years and things I’ve had others tell me they constantly say to themselves.

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • Who do I think I am to believe I can be successful?
  • People like me aren’t successful in business
  • I didn’t do well in school, so there’s no way I can cut it in business
  • Who am I kidding?
  • I feel like a fraud
  • I can’t do this?
  • It’s too difficult
  • Nobody wants to work with me
  • I can’t sell

These thoughts are filling your mind and creating your reality. Any time you catch these kinds of thoughts running through your mind, swap them for a positive affirmation that will help you build the business you want.

Affirmations are a powerful way to build more positive thoughts about your business (create a positive vibe)

Think about the negative things you’re aware of that you say to yourself and then create a positive affirmation to support you.

So for example, if you notice yourself saying “I’m no good at getting clients” you can start using an affirmation saying “I’m a perfect match for my ideal client.” and “I’m learning more and more every day about how to reach my ideal clients.”

My advice is to make your affirmations believable and positive.

If you’re just starting out and money is just starting to come in, an affirmation of “I’m a multi-millionaire” might not feel believable for you.  However, if it feels wonderful to say this, go ahead.  If it feels like a lie, make it more believable keeping it positive.

You want the affirmations to FEEL positive for you.

Here are your business success affirmations

  1. My business is a huge success
  2. I believe in myself and trust in my abilities to succeed in all that I do
  3. Being successful is natural for me
  4. Success, money and happiness come easily to me
  5. My work makes a difference
  6. I am smart and successful
  7. I can achieve any goals I set myself in business
  8. I create wonderful business opportunities
  9. My income is constantly increasing
  10. My income is rapidly increasing
  11. As I become more and more successful, I help more and more people
  12. I am passionate about my business and that shows in everything I do
  13. I easily attract sales
  14. I easily attract my ideal clients
  15. My business allows me to have a life I love
  16. I’m energized in my business
  17. I love the freedom my business provides for me
  18. My business dreams are constantly manifesting
  19. I am a perfect match for my ideal business
  20. I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way
  21. I am thankful for each and every person who contributes to the success of my business