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Affirmations to help achieve your goals
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Affirmations to help achieve your goals


I absolutely love affirmations.  They’ve really helped me in my own life and business. Today, I’ve put together these special affirmations to help you achieve your goals.

Pick out the ones that resonate with you, use them all or use them as a base to create your own affirmations specific to you.

Before you start focusing on your mindset to work to achieve your goals, it’s important to know what your goals actually are.

How and when to use affirmations to help achieve your goals

Fill your day with them.  You can do all kinds of things like…

  • Write your affirmations out daily
  • Write your affirmations on separate post-it notes and place them around the house, office…
  • Record your affirmations onto a voice recorder (most mobiles have them these days) and play them back to yourself throughout the day
  • Simply run them through your mind as you’re going about your day
  • Stand in front of the mirror and repeat them out loud (this is incredibly powerful)

Enjoy your affirmations.  The more enjoyment you can add the better as you’ll be coming at them from a really positive place, raising your vibrations and when you do this you activate the law of attraction to draw to you whatever you need to achieve your goals.

1 – I can achieve all of my goals

2 – I’m a real goal-achiever now

3 – Achieving my goals is getting easier and easier

4 – I now set clear goals and consistently work on achieving them.

5 – I have a clear plan of action to achieve my goals

6 – I prioritize my goals and take every opportunity to work on them

7-  I am fully committed to achieving my goals

8- My goals are worth achieving

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