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Why professional proofreading?

We often read and hear the question of whether professional proofreading of a term paper or thesis is really necessary. You could save the money, because it would be enough if a fellow student, a relative or a friend read over the work "quickly". So why should you hire a real proofreader for proofreading, who costs a relatively large amount of money? Five good reasons why the first reader of your next scientific paper should not be your supervisor, but rather a professional in proofreading and editing.


It should be noted that there is hardly anything that https://editius.com/dissertation-formatting-service/ appreciate more than a linguistically and stylistically well-read paper with a coherent outline! And don't forget: Your future depends on this work.

In general, there is no question that someone will edit or proofread your work. Most academic writing guides encourage students to have their work thoroughly proofread at least once, because: Everyone overlooks the little mistakes after a while, which can hide excellently in the monotony of what is known. Later, however, the lecturer stumbles over them, and every stumble in the reading flow means a small point deduction. Of course, one or two minor mistakes are forgiven by everyone but not by https://editius.com/proofread-my-paper/. But if there are more, it becomes more difficult. Every inaccuracy takes the reader out of the context of the content, and the more often this happens, the harder it is to concentrate on the content. (By "minor errors" I mean not only typos or missing commas. Incorrect word combinations, tapeworm sentences that have no end, and references that lead nowhere are also stumbling blocks). For this reason, professional proofreading and careful scientific editing are worthwhile:

Time and care

If the mother, the friend or the fellow student is not doing a lot of writing herself or is studying in https://editius.com/resume-editing-services/ language and literature, it will take her or him a lot of time to read carefully, to understand, to correct, to rephrase and to concentrate on all aspects to be checked at the same time: Spelling, expression, congruence, coherence, tenses, etc. A fast proofreader can do up to eight pages in an hour on a text that is easy to edit. Sometimes, however, it is only three or four. Someone who is inexperienced will take much longer. The danger that the correction will then become inaccurate due to time pressure is great!


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