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Visualization & The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is the principle that “like attracts like”. Therefore, if you think positive thoughts, you are likely to attract positive outcomes to you.

Virtually anybody can use the law of attraction to manifest their desires. But how?

Well, one of the most popular ways to raise your vibration so you can manifest your desires using the law of attraction is creative visualization.

Today, I’ll share three visualization techniques to help you manifest your dreams.

How Visualization Helps With Manifesting

For any manifesting goals, you must raise your vibration – or current emotional state of being. If you’re in a negative space, you’ll only attract negativity to you. Remember, it’s “like attracts like”.

So, if you’re in a negative pace or low vibe, that’s exactly what you’ll attract.

You want to raise your vibration to one of excitement, gratitude, joy, love, peace, or anything else that may be aligned toward what you want.

Visualization helps with this because the mind is so powerful!

Even without physically engaging with things that can raise your vibration in real-time, just thinking about it or remembering it by experiencing it in your mind’s eye is enough.

It’s kind of like having a strong dream.

You ever have a scary dream and wake up and your heart is beating fast, and you’re sweating? Your body can have physical responses to thoughts. That’s how visualization for manifesting works!

3 Visualizations For The Law Of Attraction

1- Remember The Time Visualization Technique

Remembering something that already happened in vivid detail is one of the fastest, easiest visualization exercises you can do.

It’s so effective because it’s not fully reliant upon your imagination. Rather, it’s something that already really happened!

All you do is consider the emotion you want to feel at the time, and think of a time in the past where you already experienced that feeling.

For example, if you want to feel relaxed, you might envision a time where you were relaxed on vacation.

Close your eyes and recall what you did.

One of my favorites was lying in a hammock on the beach in the Bahamas, sipping a Margarita while the sun was setting.

I could remember the breeze against my skin, and how comforted I felt by the swaying of the hammock rocking side to side as I listened to the waves crashing on the ocean.

2- Enter The Picture Visualization Exercise

This visualization exercise is lots of fun. You’ll get to let your mind wander and be super creative with the outcome you want for your future!

What you do with this one is think about what it is you want, first, in very basic terms.

Let’s say you want a book deal.


Next, close your eyes and imagine that you’re about a year down the line in your life.

So, you look about the same, you’re relatively the same age, but you have had your book deal for a while – maybe a couple months — and you’re looking back through your phone at some pictures of a significant event related to your goal.

3- The Pink Bubble Visualization Technique

In your mind’s eye, place this picture inside a pink bubble. Kind of like the bubbles that kids blow at parties. A huge, pink bubble.

Then, envision it floating away up into the sky.


The floating away of the pink bubble is representative of you “letting go” of the intention, as you’ve seen that it has already happened.

Sending the bubble/intention away up into the universe is symbolic of you not worrying or stressing about it anymore, and letting the universe bring it down to you.

And that’s it!